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Let's health check your home loan
Your home loan shouldn't be a life sentence, and here at GSC Finance Solutions, as your refinance mortgage broker we are here to make sure it isn't. If it’s been a while since someone reviewed your home loan or your fixed rate is ending soon, it's essential to assess your home loan to discover your options, including opportunities for debt consolidation refinance.
Life-Enhancing Home Refinance
Our refinance mortgage brokers believe in enabling you to continue enjoying life's pleasures – whether it be travel, smashed avo on toast or something a bit more luxe. Our highly ethical, responsible approach to home lending remains unwavering. Now, let's explore the best way to refinance your mortgage and improve your financial well-being.
Refinance My Home or Reprice
Does your home loan still work for you? Getting a better deal on your home loan doesn't always mean switching to another lender. Often, we can negotiate a more competitive deal with your current provider. If they don't cooperate, we’ll look at alternative lending options for you. Unlock better home loan deals today!

Our Approach To Refinance Loan Applications

We'll meet to discuss your needs, situation, and goals, whether to reprice your current deal or explore refinance loan options.
We thoroughly analyse the market and research the best mortgage refinance options for you.
We'll prepare a compelling loan application for the lender, whether to refinance a fixed-rate home loan or other refinancing options.
We maintain ongoing communication to ensure the health of your home loan, provide support and expert advice.
Refinance - Leverage Your Equity

Leverage Your Home Equity

Unlocking Financial Opportunities
There are many reasons to refinance your home loan, including freeing up equity to spend on other areas of your life. Whether you're planning to take that trip of a lifetime, redo the backyard, or perhaps want to build your investment portfolio – that equity you're sitting on is gold!
Refinance home loan cash back opportunities can help you access extra funds when refinancing, providing a financial boost for your needs.
Explore refinancing to leverage your strong repayment history, ensuring you secure better terms and savings.
Potentially reduce monthly home loan repayments and interest rate.
When refinancing your property, optimise the loan structure to align with your investment plans and maximise returns.
Refinance my loan

You deserve a better deal from the banks

Stay Ahead in a Changing Market
The home loan market evolves continuously, and the loan that suited you two years ago may not be ideal today. It's crucial to assess whether refinancing is right for you:
Refinancing your home may allow you to lower interest rates, reduce monthly payments, or access your home equity.
If you’re considering refinancing your investment property, take the time to understand whether your needs and goals have shifted, ensuring that your mortgage continues to serve your best interests.
Exploring refinance opportunities requires you to scour the market thoroughly, seeking out appropriate options that fit your financial strategy.
Opting for debt consolidation empowers you to negotiate with lenders on your behalf, securing the best terms for your financial well-being.
At our core, we believe in enhancing your financial well-being and ensuring your home loan aligns with your life's goals. Want to get started and discover your best refinance home loan options?
Refinance my loan

Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewing your home loan every 2-3 years or when significant interest rate changes occur is advisable. One of our refinance mortgage brokers can help you find the best way to refinance your mortgage and potentially save money.
Refinancing offers several advantages. It can lower your monthly payments, reduce your interest rate, and even provide access to home equity for other purposes like renovations or debt consolidation.
Only if there have been frequent enquiries. If you are following a 2-3 year time frame with each lender, there should not be any negative effects on your credit score, making it easy to secure the best home loan.
Our refinance mortgage brokers present you with multiple lenders that meet your needs. We do the heavy lifting by researching multiple home loan providers and comparing interest rates and fees. This ensures we find the best home loan for you.
Yes, you can refinance with bad credit, but it may come with higher interest rates. It's a good idea to work on improving your credit score before refinancing your mortgage to secure a more favourable loan product.

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By far the best broker I have worked with, highly recommend them!! Great service, solution based, no fuss. Could not fault them.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson
July 1, 2024.
Huge thanks to Cameron and the team at GSC Finance. Every call was picked up or returned immediately, every question was answered thoroughly and with patience, and the whole process was incredibly smooth. Felt like we were in very good hands all the way. Thanks Cameron!
June 21, 2024.
Fast, knowledgeable and dedicated. Everything needed in a broker, thank you.
Georgia Agar
Georgia Agar
June 13, 2024.
Recently applied for a home loan through Matt and his team at GSC Finance. Throughout the process Matt made everything stress free, he went above and beyond for us and was always available when we had any questions. Achieved everything we were looking for within a very short time frame, would highly recommend!
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
June 11, 2024.
Matt and the team at GSC Finance made the process of refinancing and getting a loan to build our new home easy and stress free. Our questions were always answered promptly and each step of the process was explained to us in terms we could understand. I highly recommend them for the expertise and fantastic service. Thanks so much Matt!
Zoe Kennedy
Zoe Kennedy
June 9, 2024.
Seamless and efficient
Kane Lander
Kane Lander
May 29, 2024.
GSC are very friendly and always willing to go above and beyond!
Kye Edwards
Kye Edwards
May 20, 2024.
Always professional and the customer service is amazing. Highly recommend 👌
Eloise German
Eloise German
May 17, 2024.
GSC Finance Solutions and Matt have made myself and my partner’s experience in getting our first home seamless. They were clear of what was needed from us and provided us with exceptional support, guiding us through the process that has ultimately set us up for our first home!
Ryan Chatterton (HdRyan_69)
Ryan Chatterton (HdRyan_69)
May 16, 2024.
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