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    The GSC Finance Story

    The finance industry has evolved to become a very different beast than it used to be. No longer do you visit the branch manager in a suit and tie to apply for a home loan. Layers of teams, approvals and processes has taken the excitement out of applying for a home loan – making it a tedious and confronting experience.

    Having seen this gap in the market for an easy, simple and collaborative application and settlement experience, GSC Finance Solutions was established to bring back the joy of securing a Home Loan – We just make it easy.
    Our team has a broad range of experience that touches every part of the Home Loan process, having previously worked across Banking, Accounting, Legal and Property industries to come together to build the right solution for you.

    No loan is for life – We know your life changes, and we are here to support you with consistent reviews of your loan to make sure that as your life evolves your finance evolves with you. We help release the shackles of a mortgage so that you can make the right choices for you and your family.

    We celebrate the wins with you, whether it is refinancing to a better rate or being approved to build your dream home.

    We pride ourselves on providing the same exceptional experience in applying for any loan, regardless of whether you’re buying your first home on a budget, or expanding your portfolio.
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  • Why GSC Finance?

    One of the most common questions we get is why GSC and what does it stand for?

    Quite simply, “GSC” is “Geelong and Surf Coast” – That’s where we were born and it’s the area we love. It is our passion to support the people of Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast with all their finance broker needs. You’ll see us supporting the local area with Sponsorships of local sporting clubs and schools and doing all we can to ensure the local area is well supported. We believe in the importance of giving back to the local community we do business in.

    Just because we are located in Geelong, doesn’t mean we can’t help you if you live outside our region. We service many clients across Australia with their finance broker needs. In the age of Zoom we are able to assist you through the process remotely, and still provide the same exceptional experience you’d expect.

    Our mission at GSC Finance Solutions is to ensure that after each conversation, you feel confident in your choice of finding the best mortgage broker near you and have all the necessary information to make informed decisions about your home loan. 

    We offer comprehensive mortgage broker services and connect you with licensed mortgage brokers who can guide you through the process and provide you with the best mortgage options available. Whether you're searching for mortgage providers in Geelong or looking to find a mortgage broker near you, GSC Finance Solutions is here to help.
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    GSC Finance - supporting people of Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast

Meet Our Team: Your Mortgage Brokers in Geelong

Our dedicated team of mortgage brokers is here to simplify your life when it comes to securing a home loan, offering extensive knowledge and experience in the Geelong finance market. You can rest assured knowing that you are in the hands of licensed mortgage brokers who are committed to providing personalised solutions tailored to your individual financial needs.
Damien Pearson
Director & Finance Specialist
Cameron Howland
Managing Broker
Matt Turner
Managing Broker
Luke Eustace
Associate Broker
Liah Blood
Mortgage Broker
Lochie Pretlove
Mortgage Broker

GSC Finance Solution


Are you looking for a reliable and experienced mortgage broker in Geelong? Look no further than GSC Finance Solutions. As a reputable mortgage broker serving the Geelong area, we specialise in providing personalised and professional financial services.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to find a mortgage broker who works tirelessly to secure the best mortgage deal for you. At GSC Finance Solutions, we are dedicated to being your partner in achieving your homeownership dreams.
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We'd love to help you secure your first home, dream home, or simply a better deal!

Geelong's leading Mortgage brokers – for good reason

We take pride in specialising in all aspects of home loans.
GSC Finance Solutions was born in the heart of Geelong and Surf Coast, the area we truly love. Our passion lies in supporting the people of Geelong, the Bellarine, and the Surf Coast with their financial needs. We proudly sponsor local sporting clubs and schools, actively contributing to the growth and wellbeing of our community. Giving back to the local community is an integral part of our business philosophy. As your local mortgage brokers, we are committed to providing exceptional service and support to our cherished community.
How we help
The home loan industry is a constantly shifting maze of products, features, rates, processes and criteria. It's our job to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest home loan solutions, and maintain strong relationships with the lenders – ensuring a seamless process at application time. Like a lot of our clients, we know that home is where the heart is, and there's nothing that makes us prouder than to help hard-working Aussies realise the Great Australian Dream of home ownership. With our comprehensive knowledge and dedication as local mortgage brokers, we are committed to making this dream a reality for you.
Geelong's Home Loan Experts


There's more to securing finance than simply getting approved, and as a trusted mortgage broker in Geelong, we help make sure things are structured in a way that supports your strategy.


Reputation is everything, which is why we're so proud of the brand we've built and the trust we've earned as one of the best mortgage brokers in Geelong – and beyond! We work hard to deliver outstanding outcomes, each time, and our track record speaks for itself.


Our clients have unique needs, lifestyles, situations and goals, so we tailor bespoke finance solutions – rather than push off-the-shelf products.

Our Approach

Complex Made Simple​

We provide you with the education you need to clearly understand your financial strategies.

You Are Unique

We create a personalised financial plan that is unique to your situation and goals.

Accountability Partner

We help you stay on track at every stage if life, throughout all the challenges and victories.