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Build your property portfolio

With the help of an Investment Mortgage Broker
Investing in property can be a lucrative venture, and our team of mortgage brokers is here to provide you with smart finance strategies. We understand the importance of leveraging your existing equity and maximising cash flow to help you achieve your property investment goals.
Leverage your equity
We help you access finance to invest in property by utilising your existing equity. Our investment mortgage brokers specialise in structuring your finances in a tax-effective manner, collaborating with your accountant to ensure the best outcome. By leveraging your equity, you can reduce the need for a cash deposit and open up new possibilities for expanding your property portfolio.
Maximise cash flow
Investing in property shouldn't mean compromising your lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to structuring your finances in a way that maximises cash flow while keeping your loan repayments manageable. By taking into account your unique financial situation, our investment mortgage brokers will ensure that your property loan aligns with your long-term goals.

Our approach to loan applications

We meet with you to fully understand your needs, situation, and goals.
Our team of expert mortgage brokers thoroughly researches the market, exploring the best available options for you.
We prepare an investment property loan application that highlights the strengths of your investment strategy for the lender.
We maintain regular communication with you, monitor the health of your loan, and provide ongoing support.
Buy An Investment Property

Buy an Investment Property

Partner with the GSC Finance Geelong team
When it comes to purchasing an investment property, we work closely with your accountant and financial adviser to structure your finances optimally. By capitalising on gearing benefits and maximising cash flow, we ensure that your property investment portfolio becomes a sustainable and profitable venture. We offer access to a wide range of lenders, prepare compelling applications, and provide ongoing support throughout the life of your loans.
What we do:
Leverage your equity to reduce the need for a cash deposit
Get access to a range of first and second-tier lenders
Prepare a compelling application for the lender
Support you for the life of your loans
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Frequently Asked Questions

Property investment involves key tax considerations such as rental income, capital gains tax, and deductions for expenses. It's essential to consult a property tax expert to navigate these intricacies and identify opportunities to maximise tax benefits for your investment.
To unlock home equity for property investment, consider using your existing property as collateral for a loan. Collaborating with a home equity loan specialist can help you explore the most favourable terms and strategies for leveraging your home equity effectively.
To maximise rental income from investment property, it's crucial to set competitive rent, maintain the property's condition, and stay attuned to location and market trends. Implementing these strategies with the guidance of a property management expert can enhance your investment returns.
The choice between residential and commercial property investment hinges on your financial goals and risk tolerance. Residential property often offers stability, while commercial property can yield higher rental income. Consulting a property investment advisor can help align your choice with your investment objectives.
The process for securing an investment property loan encompasses pre-approval, property selection, loan application, and property settlement. Collaborating with an experienced mortgage broker can streamline the process, ensuring a smoother and more informed journey toward property investment.

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The GSC Finance Team are responsive to needs and willing to take the time to understand your considerations to shape the right outcomes. Highly recommend
Simon Walsh
Simon Walsh
October 6, 2022.
I love that as a sole business owner I wasn't put in the 'too hard basket', instead a solution was found for me to purchase a property. The entire experience was stress free, friendly and professional.
Samantha Robertson
Samantha Robertson
October 5, 2022.
Matt at GSC helped us purchase our first home. He walked us through every process, and made purchasing our house a lot easier than we expected. I highly recommend GSC :)
Jake S Thompson
Jake S Thompson
September 27, 2022.
Great company to deal with and they certainly look after their client’s needs.
Julie Marinovic
Julie Marinovic
September 20, 2022.
The team at GSC Finance, particularly Cameron and Liah, made everything about purchasing a new home an enjoyable and smooth process. Any questions we had were met with helpful advice and they ensured we understood all the technicalities of the process. I’d highly recommend the GSC team; they made an experience that could’ve been overwhelming a streamlined and memorable one!
Jennifer Radford
Jennifer Radford
September 9, 2022.
Such a great business to deal with, professional, experienced, efficient, always keeping us informed along the way. Follow up service is fantastic, I would highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone looking for finance or refinance.
Carissa Merry
Carissa Merry
September 5, 2022.
Matt and the team at GSC did some great work behind the scenes to ensure we got the best deal with our refinancing. They kept us in the loop through the whole process and made it as easy as possible. The also continued to follow up after settlement to ensure everything was satisfactory. Highly recommend GSC finance.
Trav Keys
Trav Keys
August 28, 2022.
Higly recommend GSC. We used them to refinance our loans and not only do they do all the hard work they offered better rates than I was able to get from the banks.
Mark Rothon (Rothon1)
Mark Rothon (Rothon1)
August 24, 2022.
The team at GSC Finance Solutions were amazing with assisting us with our building loan. We found all their staff to be very friendly, professional and always willing to go above and beyond to provide their customers with an exceptional service. Also their knowledge and advice on what products/loan would suit our circumstances best were extremely valuable to us. Thanks to the team at GSC and especially Matt Turner for providing us with a hassle free process. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Allison Messenger
Allison Messenger
August 12, 2022.
Thank you Cam and GSC team for making my first home purchase a smooth and seamless transaction. Cam was very professional and continuously provided updates throughout the whole process!
Thy T
Thy T
August 8, 2022.
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