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With GSC Finance Solutions’ calculators you can explore diverse loan possibilities and evaluate various mortgage scenarios, all while making decisions rooted in well-informed choices. Whether you're entering the realm of home loans, clarifying your borrowing capacity, or optimising your mortgage through an offset account, our calculators act as your reliable compass to get you started.

Our suite of calculators provide guidance and insight, acting as valuable tools to explore your financial situation. It's important to note that the results generated are not to be construed as financial advice, nor do they guarantee specific outcomes or act as quotes. They are intended to offer a general overview, assisting you in making more informed decisions on your financial journey.

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Home Loan Health Check

Is your home loan meeting your needs? Our Home Loan Health Check calculator goes beyond a simple analysis, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of your current home loan, allowing you to evaluate its suitability and uncover opportunities to save or improve your financial situation.

Borrowing Capacity

Planning a significant financial move? Our Borrowing Capacity calculator helps you determine the amount you might be eligible to borrow based on your income, expenses, and financial commitments. It's an essential tool for anyone considering a new home purchase, investment property, or other major financial undertaking.

Fixed Rate Expiry

Anticipating the end of your fixed-rate period? Our Fixed Rate Expiry calculator assists you in understanding the potential changes in your loan repayment amounts after your fixed-rate period concludes. Stay ahead of changes in your financial landscape and make informed decisions about your mortgage.

Mortgage Switching

Exploring the possibility of switching mortgages? Our Mortgage Switching calculator aids you in understanding the potential savings and costs associated with switching your home loan. Ensure that your financial decisions align with your goals and aspirations.

Home Loan Offset

Unlock the potential of an offset account in your mortgage strategy. Our Home Loan Offset calculator showcases how you could potentially reduce interest costs and shorten your loan term by using an offset account. Make the most of this financial advantage with confidence.

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