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GSC Finance Solutions is your go-to home loan mortgage broker dedicated to helping hard-working individuals achieve the “Great Australian Dream” of home ownership. With our expert help, we take the stress out of the home loan application process and share valuable insights on maximising the benefits of your new home loan.
Move into your first home
Your first home buyer journey should be exciting! That's why we handle all the research and paperwork, making the process seamless. Whether you're looking for the best home loans or exploring the stability of new home loan interest rates, we've got you covered.
Upgrade to a new home
When it's time to upgrade to your dream home, you can count on us. We'll leverage your hard-earned equity and scour the market to bring you competitive home loan solutions.

Our approach to home loan applications

We'll meet to discuss your needs, situation, and homeownership goals. If you want a pre-approval, we'll guide you through the process.
Our experts thoroughly research and analyse the market to provide advice on the best fixed & variable rate home loans to consider, and whether an interest-only home loan might be right for you.
Our home loan mortgage brokers prepare a compelling home loan application for submission to the lender.
We maintain regular communication to monitor the health of your loan, providing ongoing support and expert advice.
Buy Your First Home

Buy your first home

Entering the Property Market
Achieving that first rung on the property ladder is a monumental milestone. We streamline the process for first home buyers, providing the support, knowledge, and guidance you need to own your first home.
Understanding your situation and goals
Ensuring you only borrow what you can afford
Helping you access government first home buyer grants and schemes
Guide you to get pre-approved for a home loan
Liaising with the lender and other property professionals
Let's talk

Upgrade to your next home

Building Your Portfolio
If it's time to upgrade from your first home to your forever home, we can help you leverage your equity, strong credit history, and improved borrowing capacity to access a competitive new home loan.

We research the hundreds of loan options available, prepare a compelling home loan application to the lender, and monitor your mortgage rates to ensure they're suitable for the long term.

GSC Finance Solutions are Geelong’s leading home loan experts committed to making your homeownership dreams a reality. Try our loan calculator tools to get started on your first home loan journey.
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Upgrade To Your Next Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, a minimum of 5-20% of the property's purchase price is required as a down payment when you apply for a home loan. Some lenders even offer options with as low as 3% down. One of our home loan mortgage brokers can guide you to the best home loans with suitable down payment terms.
When considering new home loan interest rates, it's important to understand the options. A fixed-rate home loan offers stability with a consistent interest rate, while a variable-rate home loan can fluctuate with market conditions. The choice depends on your financial goals and risk tolerance.
Yes, the First Home Owner Grant is available in many Australian states and territories, offering financial assistance to first-time homebuyers. Eligibility for such incentives varies by state, often depending on specific income and property value criteria. To navigate this process and explore pre-approval home loan options, it's advisable to consult with one of our home loan brokers who specialises in these incentives and can guide you effectively.
Pre-approval is a crucial step before house hunting. It involves providing your financial details to a lender, who then assesses your eligibility for a loan. Getting pre-approved for a home loan gives you a clear budget and helps you make informed decisions about home loan financing.
When deciding between an interest-only home loan and a standard principal and interest home loan, consider your financial goals and circumstances. Interest-only loans may offer lower initial repayments but typically have higher overall interest costs.Typically, interest only loans are only offered for investors, but can be offered to owner occupiers in very select circumstances. Consult with one of our home loan approval experts or use a home loan calculator to evaluate which option aligns best with your needs and budget.

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First time approval
By far the best broker I have worked with, highly recommend them!! Great service, solution based, no fuss. Could not fault them.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson
July 1, 2024.
Huge thanks to Cameron and the team at GSC Finance. Every call was picked up or returned immediately, every question was answered thoroughly and with patience, and the whole process was incredibly smooth. Felt like we were in very good hands all the way. Thanks Cameron!
June 21, 2024.
Fast, knowledgeable and dedicated. Everything needed in a broker, thank you.
Georgia Agar
Georgia Agar
June 13, 2024.
Recently applied for a home loan through Matt and his team at GSC Finance. Throughout the process Matt made everything stress free, he went above and beyond for us and was always available when we had any questions. Achieved everything we were looking for within a very short time frame, would highly recommend!
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
June 11, 2024.
Matt and the team at GSC Finance made the process of refinancing and getting a loan to build our new home easy and stress free. Our questions were always answered promptly and each step of the process was explained to us in terms we could understand. I highly recommend them for the expertise and fantastic service. Thanks so much Matt!
Zoe Kennedy
Zoe Kennedy
June 9, 2024.
Seamless and efficient
Kane Lander
Kane Lander
May 29, 2024.
GSC are very friendly and always willing to go above and beyond!
Kye Edwards
Kye Edwards
May 20, 2024.
Always professional and the customer service is amazing. Highly recommend 👌
Eloise German
Eloise German
May 17, 2024.
GSC Finance Solutions and Matt have made myself and my partner’s experience in getting our first home seamless. They were clear of what was needed from us and provided us with exceptional support, guiding us through the process that has ultimately set us up for our first home!
Ryan Chatterton (HdRyan_69)
Ryan Chatterton (HdRyan_69)
May 16, 2024.
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